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What do I do next?

At Tarns Counselling we understand how hard it can be to reach out for help. That’s why we offer an informal chat, helping you to understand how counselling can help and giving you more information about our services and how to access them.  Give us a call today to take the first step towards moving forward.

To find out more, you can email or phone to arrange a quick, confidential chat.  Contact details are in the footer at the bottom of the page or just click the 'Contact' button . Please give your location details eg. Wigton, Whitehaven which makes determining our availabilty easier in your location .

This is an opportunity to discuss whether counselling is right for you. It isn't a full appointment, so no great detail is required.  Think of it as a way of determining if you'd like to meet and talk things through more fully and if so, arrange where and when.
Appointments are offered mainly during the day, although there are a few early evening and weekend spaces which may fit around your work or caring commitments, depending on where you are or how you wish to access the service.

Costs are £45 per hour.  There is a concession for block bookings, which run for 6 weeks.  Appointments are weekly to start and agreed or adjusted as we move forward.

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